Chapter 3 Research

We are working on various topics of management information systems (MIS) such as; Information concepts, Decision making, System concepts and principles, Management and Strategy, Technology Adoption and Diffusion, Sociology and Organization Behavior.

Some items give a clue about the research performance of the department. For 2015, they are as follows; Articles published: 12, Paper in conferences: 14, Books/Book chapters: 16, Research projects: 9.

We have a plan to establish three laboratories in time period of 2017-2020. The first one will be the Business Simulation Lab which is planned for creating mathematical models of business units, commerce systems, and markets based on simulation experimentation on computers to reveal behaviors of businesses as living-organisms. Individual and Social Cognition Lab will be the second one and it aims to understand knowledge acquisition of an individual which can be directly related to observing others within the context of social interactions and experiences. The third lab is a Cyborg Lab to observe various dimensions of human-computer interaction.